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Spy Waterproof Endoscope Camera

Spy Waterproof Endoscope Camera

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Spy Waterproof Endoscope Camera

This Mini USB Endoscope is a handy inspection device with a F10mm(0.39inch) camera head that helps you search to reach place. This is a new electronic health and industrial pipeline inspection product, you can use it to for Ear examination, Search and rescue, Pipeline Inspection, engine inspection, video monitor, sewer inspection; cast mound in wall inspection, etc. This portable Digital Microscope must be connected to the computer when using. User interface is very friendly. It helps you to do the micro-measure work easily and effortlessly.


1. It is a fully waterproof device with outer diameter around 14.5 mm.
2. It is around 5 meter in length and has USB 2.0 interface.
3. It has 1/6 CMOS Image Sensor.
4. Camera has 640 x 480 Resolution with 30 FPS.
5. It has 4 LED which gives enough light to record bright and clear images.

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