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Spy Smile Face Camera

Spy Smile Face Camera

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Spy Smile Face Camera

This device is built with latest technology and appears like a normal Smiley Face Clip but a small powerful pinhole camera is hidden inside this simply looking Smile Face Clip. You can use it anywhere like shirt, belt, bag or even some documents. This device comes with 4 GB SD Card and has expandable option too. It is very compact in design and don’t require any installation, just place it anywhere you want and it will start recording. Everything is recorded directly into a micro SD card and you can watch it anytime in your computer or laptop. You can buy this device from our website at lowest price in India with Free Home Delivery Service.


1. It has 5.0 MP Camera which records Videos in AVI Format
2. It has High Capacity 215 mAh Li-Ion Battery which gives long lasting performance.
3. It can be used as video PC Camera, Webcam.
4. It is very easy to install, you have to just plug and play.
5. It comes with 4 GB Memory card.
6. It supports all types of operating System MS Window, Linux, and IOS.

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