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Spy Landline Telephone Recorder

Spy Landline Telephone Recorder

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Spy Landline Telephone Recorder

This is our newest and smartest brand new Jiebang products built with high quality and good performance of other Jiebang recorders. It records independently and works without PC. All the recorded files get saves in the SD card. It automatically records the call and save it in the SD Card and records both side voices. This device comes with 4 GB internal storage which can be expanded upto 32 GB. It extends your sense, ear distance and dimensions, any unexpected situation you want to know occurring in the warehouse, office hotel, home, etc, will be recorded and inform you immediately by the calls and messages, no matter where you are. You can buy this latest product from our website at lowest price in India.


1. It has Powerful Rechargeable battery Lithium-ion battery.
2. Automatically override, when recording files exceeds capacity.
3. It records audio files in wav format.
4. Auto mode & manual mode. Both mode are transparent, without detection. Default mode is auto mode.
5. It supports Computers and Laptops through USB Cable and you can directly share the recorded files.
6. It records for 6-8 hours continuously once fully charged.

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