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Spy Cloth Hook Camera

Spy Cloth Hook Camera

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Spy Cloth Hook Camera

No one will ever suspect this is a covert camera recorder! This new Spy Cloth Hook Camera with Digital Video Recorder is mainly used by spouses, parents, employers, private investigators and more... This spy camera has a hidden pinhole camera, microphone and a built-in digital video recorder inside an ordinary-looking clothes hanger / hook. You can easily mount this hidden color camera Clothes Hanger on a wall, door, cabinet or any other flat surface. It can be charged from normal USB Camera and it is very easy to use just turn On/Off the button and it will start record the video or audio. It comes with 4 GB Memory card and you can expand it to up to 32GB. You can directly connect it to your PC and Laptop without any additional drivers required. This Clothes Hanger DVR Camera can carry out HD image recording under low illumination. It has a small contour design, which does UV spray finishing for the whole body. You can buy latest Spy Cloth Hook Camera from our website at lowest price with one year warranty.


1. It has 5.0 MP Camera which records Videos in AVI Format in 1280 *960 pixels with 30FPS.
2. It supports all types of operating system like Microsoft, IOS, and Linux.
3. It has wide 72 Degree angle.
4. It can record a video for 90 min continuously on a single charge.
5. It has High Capacity Polymer Li-Ion Battery which remains last longer.
6. It can record HD video on Low Illumination lights.
7. This Clothes Hanger Camera has a small contour design, which does UV spray finishing for the whole body.

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