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Spy 3G Hidden Car Tissue Paper Box

Spy 3G Hidden Car Tissue Paper Box

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Spy 3G Hidden Car Tissue Paper Box

The spy 3G Car Tissue Paper Box Camera With Removable Battery allows you to record live video and audio from almost anywhere and you can have real time recording on your 3G smart phone. This 3G Car Tissue Paper Box Camera operates over the 3G Network and you don't need to connect to the computer for watching videos. It is compatible with all types of 3G networks all around the world. Just connect your device which your phone and you can have real time video and audio on your phone. This color video camera with additional audio Microphone records superb video and audio recordings which automatically saved in the internal storage of the device. It is build with utmost precautions and care which is almost undetectable for anyone to spot. You can also connect it with the computer directly with USB Cable. It is compatible with all kinds of operating systems. You can buy this device from our website at lowest price in India with Free Home Delivery Service.


1. It has1750mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery i.e. it runs for longer time than any other device.
2. It supports all kinds of 3G Networks all over the world.
3. This camera works for 100 hours continuously on single charge.
4. It has CMOS Sensor which has automatic recording function when an object moves in front of it.
5. You can watch all the real time recording videos on your 3G compatible Phones.
6. It comes with 4 GB Memory card which is expandable upto 32 GB.
7. It dimensions are 220mm x 120mm x 95mm.
8. It supports all types of operating System MS Window, Linux, and IOS.
9. It has High Resolution Camera which records 1280*960 resolution video.

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